User Management

Cloud based user management system to manage admission process end-to-end, automatically distribute leads based on smart logics, and ensure highest level of security.


Dynamic Lead



User Management

Create and manage login credentials for each user. Only one username and password is required to access all applications that are available to the user. Easily control the leads’ and applications’ data a user can access, manage the permissions like edit, view, download, upload, communicate etc. on basis of user roles, manage the users' access to various features on fingertips.

Dynamic Lead Distribution

Set rules to automatically assign leads to counsellors. You can assign leads by geography, the traffic source from where the lead is captured or any other criteria that can be a combination of multiple rules or simply in round-robin manner.

Performance Tracking

Measure the performance of internal users, counsellors, staffs according to your key metrics like leads engages, leads converted, queries replied, positive feedbacks received etc. One View Dashboards to manage and compare all counsellors’ performance in one go!

Data Privacy

Safely store, use, and secure you leads and applications data. Selectively masking of data as per user roles and functions in the system. With sensitive data residing everywhere, control what all data is visible to what user and mask all other sensitive data.

All your lead data is in masked format to enable high level data privacy.

User Management Benefits

Track the movement of Contacts to Leads on real-time basis.


Tag and efficiently manage Contacts from different sources


Get Detailed report on Contact Upload Status – Failed/Duplicate etc


Upload leads and relax, you will receive an email with the Upload Status

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