Marketing Automation

Effectively market on multiple online channels (such as email, social media, websites, etc.)
with 100+ mobile-responsive templates to streamline, automate repetitive tasks.

Smart Landing

Drip Marketing



Smart Landing Pages

100+ free, mobile-responsive landing page templates and widgets for every campaign. Skim through the template gallery, pick the one or multiple landing pages that's perfect for your target audience.

Create Responsive Mobile-Friendly Templates

Mobile is changing the world. Create landing pages, email templates, application documents that look great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Multiple Landing Pages with different targeting

When you identify various different segments within your target audience, you have the opportunity to better appeal to those different audiences' interests and needs with more targeted and relevant messaging.

Why communicate to different target audience with a single landing page? Arm yourself with the power of multiple landing pages and increase your conversion manifold.

Lead Capture Widgets

Collect leads anywhere on any site with easy to embed website widget forms. Generate multiple type enquiry widgets: Common Enquiry, Program Specific Enquiry etc. Automatically add new leads to any list or segmentation and rush them your best content personalized content.

Smart Landing Pages Benefits

Centralise your lead capture in the lead pool.


Minimise operational efforts and increase efficiency.


Increase conversions with the power of multiple landing page by appealing to the target audience basis their interests and needs.


Choose from preloaded templates or customise to meet your needs.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is a plan for engaging with your leads and applicants through a steady stream of marketing messages, including emails, social media posts, phone calls.

Automate the entire lead-applicant journey

Create automated marketing campaigns for all the tedious repetitive lead nurturing tasks with the most intuitive workflow builder.

Use dynamic personalization options to send truly relevant emails/sms or ivr calls on basis of user behavior and profile data points . Pinpoint the exact moment when a lead is ready to convert, keeping an eye on every prospect from lead to applicant (and beyond) with visual timelines.

Drip Marketing Benefits

Never miss or lose a lead in the conversion funnel.


Personalized communications triggered by real behaviors.


Get higher open and click rates.


Understand lead journey better through visual timelines.

Marketing Analytics

Success through Analysis - Measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Real time Analytics for better targeting

Determine ideal subject lines, finding the Optimal times to Send communications to send more effective communications thus boosting your open rate and click rate. In short, our marketing automation software delivers better analytics for better targeting, higher response rates, and improved ROI.

Lead Trend and Analytics

From lead sources to daily lead trends to stage-wise lead status, get every piece of information you need about your leads to run effective campaigns.

Application Trend and Analytics

From daily application trends to application stage -wise distribution get every piece of information about your applications to engage with them and get higher conversions.

Marketing Campaign Analytics

The different traffic channels (direct, organic, Adwords, social, referral, publisher can all be seen and compared in one single view, no other Campaign tracking platform provides you this facility to view everything in one snapshot.

Compare their performance on basis of leads and applications that these channels have brought in. Also dig in deeper with the Verified and Unverified lead status.

Template Library

Our powerful editor makes it easy to customize your communication templates. Use standard templates or create custom templates.

Ready-to-use Standard Templates

Choose from ready-to-use standard templates for your application page, emails, and admission documents like Admit Card, Counseling or GD/PI call letters etc. Design quickly with intuitive tools and a true drag-and-drop experience. Customize colors, fonts, and more to match your brand.

Customised Application Page from Scratch

Design branded landing pages from scratch to be a reflection of your website theme. Give the visuals of your Institute through images and logos in all templates.

Template Library Benefits

Pre-parked 100+ communication templates for every application stage.


Ensure that right information reaches to applicants via FAQs and customizable sections for vital information like Scholarships, Placements etc on the landing pages.


Responsive templates for a seamless experience across devices.


Personalised autoresponders to keep your leads engaged and interetsed.

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