Lead Nurturing

You have your leads. It is time to magically turn all these leads into conversions. And by "magically"
we mean through strategic lead nurturing.

Drip Marketing


Email and SMS


Drip Marketing

Supercharge your conversions with predefined automated lead nurturing workflows.

Automate the entire lead to application journey

Automating lead nurturing enables the systematic tracking of lead engagements with your content and site, and accurately pinpoints lead’s stage. That means you can drip feed appropriate content to the right leads, at the right time, and all without lifting a finger– leads are never forgotten and opportunities never missed.

Drip Marketing Benefits

Never miss or lose a lead in the conversion funnel.


Personalized communications triggered by real behaviors.


Efficiently nurture leads.


Understand lead journey better through visual timelines.

Lead Qualification

Identify the most promising ones from the vast pool of captured leads; the ones most likely to convert, and the first among equals!

Lead Profile: Consortium of Lead activities

Summarize your leads based on the data (behaviour) they provide in OneView: every lead interaction to understand their interests, lead-counsellor contacts: calls, follow-ups,remarks etc., automatically append activity summaries to profiles in the system, enabling teams for a relevant follow-up discussion.

Highly Customizable Behavioral Scoring Criteria

A lead score is a numerical expression of a lead potential. It quantifies behavior and information into a metric that can be interpreted to automatically channel leads to the right bucket.

Actions like opening an email, clicking on the link provided in the email, registering for an application, visiting your website, add to a lead's overall score.

Knowing who is a good fit for you allows you to market more efficiently and reallocate your valuable time to the leads that are more likely to be converted. Identify your hottest leads — before the competition does.

Comparative Standing: Engagement Strength

Engagement Strength is a statistical measure indicating the comparative standing of a particular lead in the vast lead pool. No filter, no sorting Engagement Strength helps you depict which Lead is more interested (likely to convert) within the pool. The higher the strength, the faster the chances of conversion.

Lead Qualification Benefits

Qualitative segmentation of large enquiries (leads) databases.


Better qualification of leads for quick, personalised, and timely communication.


Higher conversion rate by reaching out to low hanging fruits.


Higher productivity thanks to efficient prioritization that allow a solid qualification of lead pipeline.

Email and SMS Marketing

Automate the entire lead to applicant lifecycle with easy Email & SMS marketing campaigns with real time campaign tracking results.

Template Library and Custom Templates

Pre-loaded with professionally designed, responsive email templates so you can get up and running as fast as possible. You can also create custom templates and save them for use on future campaigns and automation workflows. Enhance your communications with personalized messages, your brand look and feel.

Design, send, and analyse marketing campaigns

Design, create, and test email and SMS marketing campaigns to deliver the right messages to the right student cohorts. Valuable insights from every live campaign result and see who received, opened, clicked your emails/sms. Set up predefined communications to educate, say thank you, gain feedback and much more.

Email and SMS Marketing Benefits

Reach your leads anytime and anywhere with a short and personalised message that drives the desired action


Set auto trigger responses for personalized communication


Get complete email or sms communication logs with all the vital information required for performance tracking


Measure the effectiveness and profitability of your marketing campaigns by accessing real-time performance metrics

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