Campaign Management

Monitor campaign performance with a highly transparent system. Identify the campaign stars, and the under-performers in a OneView dashboard to facilitate your marketing budget allocation.


Pattern Tracking



Track Your Campaign - Source and medium wise

Automatically captures the UTM parameter vis-a-vis the respective leads numbers, to present you the source-wise actual conversion ratio.

The different traffic channels (direct, organic, Adwords, social, referral, publisher can all be seen and compared in one single view, no other Campaign tracking platform provides you this facility to view everything in one snapshot.

Apart from UTM parameters, integrate our tracking code on all your properties to capture the organic, direct, social, referral & paid channels.

Compare their performance on basis of leads and applications that these channels have brought in.

Pattern Tracking

Now add your own personalised custom campaign patterns to track your campaigns effectively with simple one to one mapping. Integrate seamlessly your campaign patterns with our systems to track your campaigns effectively.

Conversion Tracking

Lead source attribution is one of the most common problem that any marketer faces, when multiple campaigns are running across various channels. Though the NoPaperForms platform restricts duplicate entry of the same user, but a publisher might claim for a lead to have come from their channel, whereas that lead might be already present in the system, and until now, there was no way to find it out.

But this new revolutionary module stores up to 3 source instances of the same lead in the system. Thus enabling you to find out the number of duplicate lead attempts and their respective channel source.

Publisher Panel

Get a separate panel for each publisher (Advertising website) where they can track the leads they have generated real-time. Publisher panel enables the publishers to find out their primary, secondary, and tertiary instance of a lead.

All your lead data is in masked format to enable high level data privacy.

Campaign Manager Benefits

Get cross-domain tracking to track multiple websites into one property and to make sure that one user that travels between multiple sites is tracked as a single user.


Ensure high level data privacy with masked data format.


Compare your online & offline marketing performance at one place.


Get a single unified view of all your ad campaigns in a OneView dashboard, facilitating your marketing budget allocation.

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