Application Management

Completely digitize your application form process with a seamless enrolment management system
with power of real time data analytics.






Post Application

Form Automation

Design your own online forms such as application forms, registration forms, recruitment forms, surveys, feedback forms etc in an efficient and smart manner making them accessible on any device – at any time – and keeping them connected to your most important data sources always!

Scalable Application Form Customization

Customize forms as per the admission forms template for different courses of the institute. Manage single page or multi-step forms. Smart form creation with Field based conditional logics and data autosave.

User Friendly Data Entry and a Smart Interface

Manage validations to support data accuracy at individual fields like email, mobile etc. During form submission, the applicant will be invited to modify any input fields found to contain invalid data.

Application Completion Tracking

Ability to configure email and sms notifications to be sent to applicants on application events to track the percentage of form filled, payment status etc.

A comprehensive library of form templates to suit your needs

Form Automation Benefits

Optimize forms for seamless user experience across all handheld and mobile devices for access to the form anywhere anytime


Quick Upload of supporting documents like scanned certificate copy, mark-sheets, photograph, signature, capture documents in PDF format for Challan etc


Configure your form to show or hide fields, sections, pages based on user selection


Give applicants the ease and comfort by auto-saving the form and fill it later on return

Admission Dashboard

Bird's eye view of your applicant data. Track performance to drive results with flexible reporting and customizable admission dashboard.

Assess Health of your Applications

Get a complete view of all the submitted applications, search applicant information, view details of submitted applications, edit details of submitted applications all in a single console.

Download Data in Sync with your Data Fields

Download complete details of all your applications in sync with your data format with flexible Integration of your existing IT infra into our system.

Daily Tracker for Management

Real-time graphical interface to track enquiries, registrations, admissions, and all payment related information for the Management. Filter and refine data for particular admission form, analyse the revenue vs. course, state vs application vs revenue trend in a single glance.

Forecast your Applications

Get Predictive Analysis for the number of applications per course, and get a brief idea of the revenue. Track the aggregated progress- total form filled, total payment received, total payment pending of all the course’s forms to get insights on what course is fetching the max or min applications.

Admission Dashboard Benefits

Get 360 degree view of all the applications.


Download data seamlessly in sync with your ERP.


Get applications visual insights with the power of graphs and analytics.


Robust course analytics to determine what course fetches maximum applications.

Payment Management

Biggest possible gamut of payment options including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking, Mobile Payments, Cash Cards, Demand Drafts, Vouchers for seamless experience.

Multi-staged Payment Collection

Allow applicants to complete multi-stage transactions based on their different criteria eg. on selecting a certain course, applicant shall first pay the fees and then proceed to fill the form.

Automatic Fee Remittance - Split Payment

Payments collected from applications can be split (specifying the split ratios) among your institute and any third-parties, payment gateways in a single transaction. Get analytics dashboard where refunds and payouts will be visible, along with the transactions and settlements history.

Remove any friction and make the entire online application process hassle-free for both applicants and admission officers.

Payment Management Benefits

Replace printing of brochures, OMR sheets with voucher cards to save your costs, facilitating payment options for students with no debit/credit/net banking options.


Integrate concessional coupon codes inline with your marketing campaigns to boost up your registrations and applications.


Get an easy-to-read synopsis of the payment details upon successful online payment, upon acceptance of DD by the institute etc.


Send an auto-confirmation mail on approval from the bank or the card company and even acknowledge the applicant about his offline payment receipt.

DigiLocker Integration

DigiLocker is a Government of India initiative for issuance and verification of documents and certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. NoPaperForms bring the power of digital documents to your application forms.

DigiLocker Integration Benefits

Applicants can directly fetch their digital documents in their application form anytime, anywhere. This is convenient and time saving.


Reduce the administrative overhead of departments by minimizing the use of paper.

Applicant Dashboard

Each applicant receives a personalised Applicant Dashboard for all information about the application forms, the payment status, his/her activities, etc.

Notifications to keep Applicants posted

Let no information skip through cracks with real-time notifications to the applicant about the deadlines, the shortlisting information, the replies to all his queries etc., on his personalised Dashboard.

Applicant Dashboard Benefits

Enable multiple - application filling for applicants with easy auto-populated data from applicant profile.


Get in touch with your applicants’ via email, sms, and notifications to communicate information.


Collect data (Entrance exam scores) from applicant's after form submission, this data is synced to the other applicant data.


Applicant receives oneview of all their queries responses, hence better query resolution.

Post Application Management

Seamlessly conduct all your Post Application process such as generate GD-WAT-PI shortlists, merit shortlists, waitlists, schedule interview with minimal operational efforts

Reduced time spent on sorting and filtering data

Shortlists applicants basis profile, scores, percentiles, normalised scores etc., with an easy to use interface saving time and effort.

Applicant Compatibility Index

ACI provides a step beyond information than the traditional Lead:Application conversion ratio. You can with ACI, analyse the quality of applications received. Get the unseen insights to make better decisions and find the most compatible applicants for your course.

Student Quality Index (SQI)

Student Quality Index provides Institute a quick snapshot of the Applicants profile based on Academics, Work-experience, Demographic parameters etc. e.g. Board-wise segregation and percentage marks distribution, Geographical diversification etc.

Post Application Benefits

Reduce redundancy and data entry errors with easy to use shortlist builder.


Save time and increase operational efficiency manifold .


Get quick snapshot of the entire Applicant pool - by demography, marks, board-wise etc.


Manage your post application process seamlessly across departments.

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