Give you real-time visibility into the entire admissions recruitment process, access detailed reports by users, by courses, by geography, by counts, and more.


Student Quality


Marketing Analytics

Success through Analysis - Measure, manage and analyze marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).

Real time Analytics for better targeting

Determine ideal subject lines, finding the Optimal times to Send communications to send more effective.

communications thus boosting your open rate and click rate. In short, our marketing automation software delivers better analytics for better targeting, higher response rates, and improved ROI.

Lead Trend and Analytics

From lead sources to daily lead trends to stage-wise lead status, get every piece of information you need about your leads to run effective campaigns.

Application Trend and Analytics

From daily application trends to application stage -wise distribution get every piece of information about your applications to engage with them and get higher conversions.

Marketing Campaign Analytics

The different traffic channels (direct, organic, Adwords, social, referral, publisher can all be seen and compared in one single view, no other Campaign tracking platform provides you this facility to view everything in one snapshot.

Compare their performance on basis of leads and applications that these channels have brought in. Also dig in deeper with the Verified and Unverified lead status.

Student Quality Index (SQI)

Student Quality Index provides Institute a quick snapshot of the Applicants profile based on Academics, Work-experience, Demographic parameters etc. e.g. Board-wise segregation and percentage marks distribution, Geographical diversification etc.

Multiple Level Source Tracking

Capture the multiple touch points of a lead and identify the effectiveness of every source; control 100% duplicity of leads.

Capture the multiple touch points of a lead

Same Lead may visit your website or Application Landing Page and Register via different Campaigns/ Lead generation portals, phone/chat enquiries etc. Keep a track of all such campaign instances without allowing duplicity of Leads.

Multiple Level Source Tracking Benefits

Get multiple level lead source tracking - Know the repeated instances of same lead


Measure offline performance against online for a holistic view of what's working and what’s not.


Identify the channels that are giving you duplicate leads for higher ROI and better comprehension.


Streamline and optimize your efforts and save time by eliminating manual data entry hassle.

List Segmentation

Segment Leads based on Criteria for advance level of personalization and better targeting.

Target Leads with advance level of personalisation

Acquiring a list of good, engaged leads is important, and equally important is managing that list to optimize it. From the centralized pool of lacs of contacts, create smaller targeted segments based on certain rules.

Segments are dynamic collections of leads grouped together, or segmented, based on criteria you define. This can include information you track about them, such as gender, location, or lead origin, or how they’ve engaged with your communications previously.

List Segmentation Benefits

Automatically create one time lists or dynamic segments for better targeting.


Run targeted drip campaigns based on the target segments.


Highly personalised communications, follow-ups based on segment activities.


Efficient and economic marketing efforts leading to better open and click rates.

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